Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cole Patton? Or Adelaide Paige?

Susannah is a friend of mine I met on a community page before I moved to Germany.
We are both military wives and our husbands were reporting to Germany in June 2011 and both of us got here September 2011. So she was my first friend here =)Come January 2012 Susannah and her husband learned they were expecting! Now Susannah is very creative and came up with a great idea as a countdown to D day (Due Date that is). She found this great HUGE ornate frame for 10 euros at a flohmarkt, she put a board in it that she painted w/ chalkboard paint and weekly has been uploading an image to her facebook page of it with her and her growing belly standing next to the frame. Written on the chalkboard frame was her gestation week as well as any relevant information for that week. Each week the picture was taken in a different location as well to signify things like spring, summer, the due date (pic taken next to crib) etc.
Now the fun part about all of this is Susannah and her husband have decided to be surprised by the baby's gender! Well, the rest of us got to know... (which is helpful for us so we could get them gender specific gifts) but for Susannah and her husband it's a surprise!
I had the honorable task of finding a coming home outfit for their little miracle that was gender is specific. I can't wait to see their baby in it! At our photo session Susannah and her husband covered their eyes w/ their hand while holding up the outfit I provided. You do not see that image posted here... because the little darling is over a week past the due date! We are at D+9 and counting! But do note the image of the measuring tape in both colors! Just in case!!
Susannah opted for two maternity sessions, one in which we focused solely on her and took some gorgeous feminine shots and one with her husband present. The day of her session with husband it decided to downpour! Well, that didn't stop brave Susannah from getting her photos taken! As soon as there was a calm we ran out and enjoyed ourselves!
Who says rain is a bad thing for a photo session???

Please keep all three of them in your prayers as the Delivery date approaches for Adelaide Paige or Cole Patton.

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